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Zeolite – All You Want to Know




Chemicals Circling

With possibly 100,000 chemicals circling in the products we utilize, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we inhale and exhale, toxin exposure is inescapable. That is why thousands and thousands of individuals around the world have opted for the mineral zeolite as a natural solution to be able to remove toxic qualities from the body. And at the same time promote renewed strength and well-being.
Any time you can remove something toxic or poisonous like arsenic, lead, mercury, and more that is always without question very good.


However, a search might only provide you with a puzzling result leaving you with more questions. A couple of examples you would have to decide between would be a synthetic or natural, powdered or liquid zeolite product. One question you should be able to answer right from the top is why would ever choose to put anything synthetic in your body. Is that not part of the issue we are all faced with nowadays, most things are synthetic and processed. Whenever possible you always want to select the natural option, nature knows best. Obviously, I can not make your choice but if provided the option of choosing natural over synthetic-something that is made for multiple industrial scenarios, my choice is always going to be nature.

Also, your search can leave you thinking about how you can find a zeolite product that can get actually provide the true results, you need and are in search of. This information is here to help, with everything else you’d like to know.

Contrasting Origins

You’ll discover the contrasting origins and precisely why it makes a difference, the health rewards of zeolite, how it works, how toxins can undermine overall health, and precisely what to look for in a health supplement to help you rid your body of toxins and heavy metals.

Detoxify With Zeolite

Help your body get rid of harmful substances like toxins, heavy metals, and pollutants with natural zeolite in a tiny form. ENJOY A NATURAL DETOX: Our liquid zeolite is 100% natural, purified in a safe facility, and non-GMO. It’s the perfect support for your overall health. ELIMINATE TOXINS FOR BETTER HEALTH: Everyday exposure to toxins can weaken your immune system, disrupt sleep, and affect your energy and concentration. EFFECTIVE CELLULAR CLEANSE: Unlike powdered zeolites, Pure Body Extra uses a special activated hydrated zeolite that works on a cellular level. ALL-NATURAL FULL BODY DETOX: Advanced nanotechnology ensures maximum detoxification with just 4 tasteless sprays, taken 3 times a day.

Toxins start affecting us even before we’re born. We encounter over 80,000 chemicals in our environment throughout our lives, including in food, water, and the air we breathe. Pure Body Extra is here to help.

This original liquid zeolite, called Pure Body Extra, is incredibly small and can reach deep into our cells. It acts like tiny magnets, attracting and removing positively-charged toxins such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, and more. Using advanced nanotechnology, this natural zeolite has a large surface area that can capture and eliminate toxins effectively.

The natural zeolite Clinoptilolite, which we use in Pure Body Extra, has been recognized as safe by the FDA. We have purified it to perfection, making it the most efficient detoxification option available. It is colorless, odorless, 100% natural, non-toxic, and safe for long-term use.

With just a few tasteless sprays per day, you can help your body eliminate heavy metals and toxins, leading to improved energy and well-being.

Advanced Cellular Cleanse:

Unlike powdered zeolites that only work in the gut, Pure Body Extra targets toxins at a cellular level. Thanks to its nanometer size and advanced technology that suspends zeolite in water clusters, it provides a gentle yet fast-acting cleanse.

The Laws of Attraction:

The negatively-charged zeolite acts like a magnet, trapping positively-charged toxins such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and many others, removing them from your body within hours.

Proven Purity:

Pure Body undergoes a proprietary cleansing process and is lab-tested to ensure that pre-existing pollutants are removed from the zeolite, making it an effective detoxifier. It is then nanosized to create a hydrated zeolite liquid that can reach all parts of the body.

Targets Toxins:

Numerous studies confirm that zeolite Clinoptilolite is selective in removing toxins without taking any essential nutrients. Our proprietary cleansing process enriches the zeolite with beneficial minerals, ensuring that it replaces bad toxins with good minerals for optimal well-being.


Toxic exposure begins before birth, and despite our body’s efforts to eliminate toxins, we keep accumulating heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, and others simply because they are everywhere.

Most detox programs and powdered zeolites only focus on cleansing the colon, but that’s not where the majority of toxins accumulate. They reside in our cells. Pure Body Extra’s zeolite, with its advanced nanotechnology, can reach deep into cells for comprehensive body detoxification.

Even in small amounts, toxins can:

  • Be stored in your fat cells, making it difficult to lose weight.
  • Affect your memory, clarity, and focus.
  • Interfere with your immune system.
  • Disrupt your endocrine system and energy levels.
  • Cause sleep difficulties or poor sleep quality.

Pure Body Extra is a natural solution to cleanse our cells from environmental toxins that our body combats every day.


What is Pure Body Extra?

Pure Body Extra is a natural method to detoxify your body from harmful heavy metals and toxins. Our breakthrough processes create a liquid zeolite suspension by combining whole Clinoptilolite zeolite with pure water. It is safe and gentle enough for daily use.

How do I use Pure Body Extra?

Pure Body Extra is delivered as a nanosized natural zeolite in a convenient spray. For a continuous cellular-level detox, simply spray 4 times in your mouth, three times a day, and then swallow. You can take Pure Body Extra with or without food. During the detoxification process, it’s recommended to increase your water intake to support the process. When not in use, store Pure Body Extra in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not necessary.

Can children use Pure Body Extra?

Yes, children can use Pure Body Extra. The zeolite Clinoptilolite has been deemed safe by the FDA (Generally Recognized As Safe). However, the recommended serving size of 4 sprays, 3 times a day is based on an adult’s size. Adjust the serving size according to your child’s age and size. For younger children, start with 1 spray per day and gradually increase to 1 spray, three times a day. For school-age children, consider 2 sprays, three times a day. Increasing water intake supports the natural detoxification process.

How long can I take Pure Body Extra?

Zeolite is not stored in the body and passes through the excretory system (via urine) within 4 to 6 hours. Natural Clinoptilolite is safe for long-term, daily use and has been recognized as safe by the FDA. Since we encounter heavy metals and toxins daily through the air, food, and water, continuous use is recommended to counteract ongoing toxic exposure.

Why is only Clinoptilolite zeolite used in Pure Body Extra?

Clinoptilolite has been extensively studied for its efficacy and safety, with over 300 papers available on the National Institutes of Health website ( Other zeolites have not undergone similar research, and while most zeolites are inert like Clinoptilolite, some can be toxic.

Will zeolite remove dental fillings or hip replacements?

No, zeolite will only capture and trap heavy metals and toxins that are freely floating in the bloodstream. It must come into contact with the individual positively-charged particle.

Why should zeolite supplements with vitamins and minerals be avoided?

To create an effective zeolite supplement, Pure Body Extra fills the zeolite cages with exchangeable cations of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. The zeolite particles are then suspended in pure water, creating a liquid zeolite for detoxification.

Other zeolite providers mix zeolites with a liquid base of synthetic vitamins or other substances. Synthetic vitamins can carry a positive charge, and while zeolites have an affinity for highly-charged toxins, prolonged contact with substances that carry even a weak positive charge could lead the zeolite to absorb those materials and render it ineffective for detoxing the body.

Why is liquid zeolite better than powdered zeolite?

In addition to knowing the composition and cleanliness of the zeolite, particle size is crucial for zeolite absorption in the body. Most powdered zeolites have large particle sizes, making them ineffective for systemic detoxification and unpleasant to consume in powder form.

Sub-micron particles, which are not visible to the naked eye, are essential for optimal zeolite absorption.

Individual sub-micron particles are easily lost in the air when transferring powdered zeolite to water. Pure Body Extra, on the other hand, ensures optimal detoxification with trillions of tiny particles suspended in water, allowing you to reap the benefits of each one.

Can aluminum be released in the body from zeolite formed from silicon and aluminum?

No, there is no “free” aluminum in the zeolite. Aluminum is part of the molecular structure of the zeolite and is completely inert, meaning it does not interact with the body in any way. This has been proven in numerous studies, including third-party tested chemical analyses that dissolve the zeolite cage and confirm the presence of aluminum.

How is zeolite absorbed into the body?

When properly sized, zeolite is absorbed through the small intestine, specifically the villi. Most other zeolite supplements have a low percentage of sub-micron particles, so the majority ends up in the large intestine, resulting in limited detoxification effects. Pure Body Extra undergoes a proprietary process to achieve nanometer-sized particles that can be fully absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body with water.

Are there any side effects of taking zeolite?

Zeolite Clinoptilolite has been granted Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status by the FDA. As zeolites attract water to facilitate detoxification, it is recommended to maintain adequate filtered water intake (8 to 10 glasses per day). If you experience any signs of dehydration, such as headaches or tiredness, increase your water intake and reduce your zeolite consumption for that day.

What are the health benefits of zeolite?

As heavy metals and toxins are removed from the body, it can function optimally. Zeolite supports the immune system, traps free radicals, and helps balance the body’s pH. This may result in improved energy levels, better sleep, enhanced focus and clarity, and an overall sense of well-being.

It’s important to note that zeolites are natural minerals and not drugs. Pure Body Extra, as a dietary supplement, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

PBX Extra Strength

Safeguarding Yourself From Hazardous PFAS





Toxic chemicals. Rising cases of illness. What should be shocking is that we now live in a world where things happen that at one time would have created quite the repercussion. However, today very few are shocked by occurrences that go on in the name of progress but when you boil it down it is all about greed. Okay, back to the point of this post. Maybe you have viewed the movie Dark Waters that is based on the true story of how PFOA’s, a toxic chemical contaminated the water supply in a West Virginia town.

The reality is it is not just a remote town in West Virginia that has been contaminated. Towns, cities and sprawling metropolitan areas know or are discovering that their drinking water is contaminated by PFOA or one of the other connected toxins in a classification called PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances).

Irrespective of whether you realize it or not, it’s very likely you already have PFAS inside your body. The CDC estimates that as many as ninety-seven percent of US citizens have observable quantities of PFAS in their blood.

The Majority Of PFAS Are Poisonous Forever Chemicals

Scientists are discovering that PFAS never degrade or break down. Because of this, PFAS are known as “forever chemicals.” This means once PFAS enter the environment, they remain basically forever. And research indicates that it takes years before any PFAS actually starts to leave your body.



The point of concern is that this dilemma has actually been hidden for decades. Over the past sixty years, manufacturing corporations used PFAS for a wide range of applications. This includes carpets and rugs protectants, food packaging, pesticides, non-stick pots and pans, waterproof materials, stain repellants, and more.

Companies had the population convinced that these chemicals were entirely risk-free. But it really appears that a number of organizations have suppressed the truth about PFAS to protect their revenue.

Thanks to several separately funded studies, scientists have now exposed the cold hard truth: PFAS have poisoned the environment on a global scale and are a significant danger to virtually every human being on this planet.



The Pervasive Reach Of PFAS

The minute PFAS enter into the environment, they readily make their way directly into the food chain, going from the manufacturing facility floor to drinking water and in fact the dinner table effortlessly.

PFAS leak into the environment from a wide range of sources. This consists of our landfills, manufacturers, and military bases. From all of these sites, PFAS contaminate the air, soil, and water.

Mainly because that PFAS are water soluble, they readily leach into groundwater and travel far. One report in the prominent scientific journal Nature stated that “PFAS were discovered in the drinking water of more than 16 million Americans in thirty-three states”. And experts believe that due to a lack of data in several states, these numbers are really quite underestimated.

But sadly, you don’t even need to have PFAS in your water supply to become exposed. Individuals often choose bottled water either for convenience or because they have questions about the standard of their plain tap water. Yet current tests show that many bottled water brands tested positive for PFAS.

Unfortunately, water isn’t the only way you can get come across PFAS. These forever chemicals can also make their way into your body through eating food cooked in non-stick cookware or from the dust within your own home.

Even worse, PFAS have invaded the food chain. Research indicates that food wrappers used in take-out or fast-food packaging have PFAS, meaning you get a dose of toxic chemicals with every bite.



The Shocking Health Effects Of PFAS

PFAS chemicals are readily absorbed by your gut. And once they get in the bloodstream, they stick around for a period of time. A few of these toxins are shown to stay in the body for approximately fifteen years before they are excreted.

Reports published by the National Center for Environmental Health have likewise found PFAS in samples of human blood, urine, breast milk, and even in umbilical cord blood. Simply put, this indicates these chemicals are, without a doubt, making their way from the environment into humans.

Once these toxins make their way into your system, they can potentially do a lot of harm. Researchers have found that exposure to PFAS is linked to:

Cancer (liver, pancreatic, and others)
Hormone disruption
High cholesterol
Obesity (some toxins are obesogens)
Damage to the immune system

How To Lower The Danger From PFAS?

It’s obvious that PFAS are bad news. To make matters worse, it’s virtually impossible to entirely avoid exposure. But there are actions you can take to minimize the risks from PFAS and support your body’s detoxification efforts.

Avoid contact with PFAS by ditching non-stick cookware, avoiding packaged food when possible, running an air filter in your home, and opting for natural cleaning solutions since standard cleaning chemicals can contain PFAS also.

In view of the fact that one of the most likely exposure points is drinking water, stay clear of bottled water whenever you can, and drink water that has been filtered. The most beneficial form of filtration to eradicate PFAS is reverse osmosis, the reverse osmosis system gives you clean water without relying on tap or bottled water. The next best choice system is an activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon filters work through adsorption. Ultimately, the PFAS stick to the surface of the activated carbon and is consequently filtered out.

Detoxifying With Natural Zeolite

Much in the same way that activated carbon filters out PFAS in water, natural mineral zeolite can act as a filter for toxins in the body. The natural zeolite Clinoptilolite is an incredible yet gentle detoxifier for long-term daily use.

A natural mineral formed from volcanic deposits, zeolites have long been used for their capability to attract and trap toxins. When cleansed and nanosized for optimal absorption, this zeolite can detoxify your system to a cellular level.

Zeolite detoxifies the body in two crucial ways. As a negatively-charged mineral, it works through the cationic exchange. Similar to a magnet, it attracts positively-charged toxins and holds them within its crystalline structure. Plus, it works via adsorption, where toxins adhere to the outside of the zeolite, before passing through the body.

While studies are limited, data signifies that zeolite adsorbs PFAS, working to remove toxic chemicals from aqueous solutions. Long notorious for its capacity to remove toxic metals, zeolite may also be a safe and simple way to potentially lower your exposure to PFAS.

Given that PFAS lingers in the body for years, and has known damaging health effects, it’s crucial to minimize your exposure to these toxic chemicals. Seek out information from the local water supply and minimize exposure by using a water filtration system and avoiding PFAS-laced food packaging. Adding nanosized natural zeolite is an additional approach to help reduce your body’s toxic burden and boost your well-being.

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PBX Extra Strength

How Do Obesogens Work?




How do obesogens work? The answer to this question isn’t simple, but it does have an obvious effect on our bodies. These substances can increase the fat-storing capacity of our cells, and they alter our metabolism and the way our bodies feel hunger. Because they have such diverse functions, it’s important to know how they affect us. Here are three common ways that obesogens work.

Obesogens are chemicals that have the ability to change the way our bodies function. They interfere with hormones and DNA methylation, which can lead to metabolic disturbances in our bodies. This can have long-term effects on the health of our bodies, which means they may also affect future generations. Fortunately, limiting our exposure to obesogens is relatively simple. The preconception period is a particularly good time to optimize the detoxification pathways of the body.

One of the most important studies on obesogens was conducted using mice. These animals are genetically identical to humans and have the same metabolism. This means that they mimic the effects of excess belly fat and other risk factors that are linked with obesity. Further, mice have an accelerated lifespan compared to humans. The study also revealed that some obesogens may even protect the body from the metabolic syndrome.

Obesogens are chemical compounds that can cause weight gain in humans. Researchers have identified a variety of products and ingredients that can act as obesogens. The main concern is that they might lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and diabetes. While there are no known ways to prevent exposure to obesogens, there are ways to minimize the risk of exposure. However, this is not an easy task and a little knowledge about how obesogens work could go a long way toward preventing obesity.

In addition to TBT, obesogens are also found in the body. SSRIs (short for’stress suppressant’) are a common cause of obesity. The effects of obesogens are well documented and may even prevent the onset of a metabolic syndrome. Some obesogens act through other hormones, which are involved in metabolic disorders.

Various obesogens are present in everyday products such as water bottles, nonorganic foods, and paint. They also can be transferred to food by contact. For this reason, it is important to reduce exposure to obesogens. In particular, obesogens are found in cigarette smoke and water. These chemicals are often used in the production of foods and can also be found in household products.

In vivo studies, obesogens have been shown to influence human and animal obesity. In humans, studies have also found that environmental factors are a major cause of obesity. Obesogens are present in common household items and can alter the regulation of energy balance in the body. They may influence the way in which these substances affect the human body. And the effects of these chemicals are not just limited to mice.

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Product Comparison PBX or TRS?




Pure Body Extra Zeolite

  • Nano-Sized Zeolite (Lab Verified)
  • Tasteless, Odorless Spray
  • Natural Zeolite (Specially Purified for Detox
  • Extensive University Led Research
  • Amber Glass Bottle
  • 2 Full Ounces (60mL)
  • $79.95 Retail Price ($1.33 per mL)
  • $63.83 AutoShip Price (!1.06 per mL)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Ships to 60 Countries (Free & Low Cost International rates)

                                 TRS Detox

  •     Nano-Sized Zeolite (Not Lab Verified)
  • Tasteless, Odorless Spray
  • Synthetic Zeolite
  • Little to NO Scientific Research
  • Plastic Bottle
  • Less Than 1 Ounce (only 28mL)
  • $95.00 Retail Price ($3.39 per mL)
  • $68.00 AutoShip Price ($2.43 perML)
  • Guarantee not found on site
  • Only setup in USA (Expensive International Shipping)

The Best Product and the Best Value is PBX Extra Strength and that Choice is Clear.
With PBX, You Get a Purified Natural Nano-Zeolite, In a glass bottle…for less.

Try Pure Body Extra Strength (PBX)

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