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Heavy Metal Detox Do You Need This?



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You hear a lot nowadays about heavy metals. The questions is Do You Need to Detox Heavy Metals?
You know detox is one of the most popular buzzwords in the health world these days and it can mean anything from eating extra greens and sipping apple, cider, vinegar to fasting or taking it detox supplements, and you know there’s.

Detox Methods

A lot of simple detox methods that are talked about, like Epsom salt baths and dry brushing, but there’s, a lot more to it that I wanted to discuss. So I want to talk about what heavy metals are, what are they exactly and the sources of heavy metals signs that you need a detox or signs of heavy metal toxicity? Rather, why heavy metals are a problem exactly like how they’re affecting your health and how exactly they affect your body in various ways: test for heavy metal, toxicity and natural ways to detox heavy metals.

So some basic stuff here today, but for some people just starting they need these basics, so I want, and even for people that are kind of diehard detox. You know aficionados.

So let’s. First, talk about you know the reality today’s world.

Toxic World

You know we live in a very toxic world. You know we have. Unfortunately, there’s, so much industry going on there’s, so much need for different types of metals, for different products and in manufacturing and industries that these metals are being judged up from from the earth and then in that process get Unleashed into our rivers into the ocean into the air they get into our food supply in various ways, and – and this is increasing – I mean this – you know manufacturing, industry mining.

All of these activities in the world are increasing and there’s. Not a lot of oversight of big corporations and how they manufacture products, how they dispose of toxic wastes and that so a lot of these corporations break the rules and will dump things into the rivers and oceans.

Detox Daily

They’ll, bury things they will no burn waste products or not dispose of them properly, because you know say if a company they get fine 300 million dollars. That’s, nothing to a company that’s, making a hundred billion dollars a year or ten billion dollars a year.

They just pay the fine or they don’t get caught or they hope they don’t get caught so, unfortunately, in our world today there are also two to three thousand new chemicals being developed and unleashed into our environment without any Human safety testing, so you know if you want to be healthy, long-term you you need to be thinking about detoxification.

Different Ways to Detox

I’m, going to tell why, so you know you might have tried different ways of detoxing. Like juice, fasting or actually doing a few day fast or taking some detox supplements or doing some asana but most have never really considered more serious regimens designed to detox heavy metals specifically, and I think a lot of people erroneously think that major detoxes are only needed.

If someone has something like an acute mercury, toxin exposure or they worked in the chemical factory or or had some sort of accident, you know correct, I mean most people don’t really think of themselves as being heavy metal toxic because they live a Healthy lifestyle and they eat a really healthy diet.

So why would that apply to them? Well, the reality is, you know we live in a toxic world exposed to heavy metals and chemicals on a daily basis. So you know most of us don’t. Have acute exposures or work in a factory, but we breathe in toxins, we eat them in our food, they can be in supplements and we shower in toxic water.

Properly Filtered Water

Even if we drink properly filtered water, which most people are not drinking properly filtered water or they’re there drinking bottled water that is as contaminated. So you know we all have what I call is low level chronic daily exposure to heavy metals and toxins, and they slowly but surely degrade your energy, your brain health, your mood and your overall health as well and eventually can lead to diagnosis and many of the Chronic diseases of our time like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, heavy metals play a huge role in causing those major health issues, and I’m, going to explain more about that in a moment.

So so remember it guys. Give me your questions. You have any questions that pop up, while we’re talking, I’m going to answer those. I’m done here. So let’s. Talk about what are heavy metals exactly so many people are, you know, kind of what they are.

They kind of know about mercury, but you know heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, nickel, there’s lead. I mean already mentioned that, but there’s, other metals that are not heavy. There’s, considered toxic metals like aluminum in tin and thallium and cesium, and there’s.

There’s, dozens and dozens of heavy metals, but these are dense, metallic or semi. Metallic elements naturally occurring in the earth so just in the on our planet, and they occur naturally in the soil or in deposits, and they can leach into water sources.

But there’s, plenty of manmade sources of well there’s. There’s, things like plutonium. There’s, things like polonium, platinum. There’s, a lot of other metals that are not commonly talked about that do harm people and make them very, very, very sick.

So there’s, also certain heavy metals that aren’t a problem in small doses and are even necessary to the body like nickel. We need a little bit of nickel and a little bit of tin, but the harmful ones like lead and Mercury and the lesser-known cadmium, which causes more cancers and all of the metals combined can by you, accumulate in the body faster than our bodies can detox them And so let’s.

Sources of Heavy Metals

Talk about some of the sources of these heavy metals. So there’s. Metals like lead. Let is found in old paint there’s about at least 50 % of homes still have a lead paint that was outlawed in the 70s.

But if you have a home that’s older than 9, I think it’s 1973, but you very, you could very likely have paint that contained lead on the walls and then that you get exposed without when you remodel the home Or it’s, just creating dust from just you know, decay and, and then we’re exposed to that.

We inhale it and touches our skin and absorbs, but leg can also be in water. There’s, still a lot of homes that have lead pipes in them, which then leeches into the water, especially if you have not chlorine to disinfect the water, but chloramine chloramine is cheaper than chlorine.

A lot of municipal water sources are using that now to disinfect the water, and they recently started that, in Los Angeles, where I used to live, and I could definitely smell the difference. There was a change of the smell of the water, and the chloramine is a lot more problematic for you.

If you have lead pipes because it can cause lead the lead to leach into the water. So also a lot of food based supplements contain lead and just like our food supply, that does it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to avoid any and all supplements that contain trace amounts of lead because it’s almost impossible.

To avoid in food based supplements, just like it’s impossible to avoid lead in our food supply, the lead is in our soils from the releasing of lead into our atmosphere from leaded gasoline, so this lead was released into our atmosphere from Auto exhaust.

From burning gasoline, the contain lead – and this is still the case in a lot of developing countries – that aren’t using unleaded gasoline. So our our food supply is grossly contaminated with lead and it just accumulates in our bones.

We also get led from lipstick and mascara. We get it from a pottery, glazes and also older dishes. There’s, a big problem with you know, Corning ware and a lot of different glassware from the 60s and 70s and 80s contains a lot of lead, so you have to be careful about that, safe mama com has information on different kinds of patterns of Corning ware and different dishes that contain led and the exact amounts they contain.

Then there’s Mercury found in dental fillings in the community vaccines like flu shots, the large vials of flu. Shots for vaccines can contain mercury because it’s. A very good preservative mercury is also in about 400 different medications.

We also breathe it in in the air and we get a lot in seafood. Large migratory fish like ahi tunas and yellowtail and shellfish as well. Then there’s. Cadmium cadmium is not very well known, but I have never tested anyone.

That does not have cadmium and so cadmium is and not everyone. I work with, has done a stool metals test, but every stool novels tests I’ve done, has cadmium and it’s very prevalent in our environment.


You find cadmium everywhere. You find mercury in fish, so CAD me was in shellfish and large migratory fish. It’s, also in cigarettes. So if you ever smoke and for any amount of time for any length of time, you are going to have cadmium, toxicity and also, if you are exposed to secondhand smoke or mother smoked.

While you’re in the womb or you just your partner smokes, they have the benefit of a filter and you don’t. So unfortunately, secondhand smoke is just as problematic. I have a lot of clients whose parents just grew up smoking and the child that the client has very, very high levels of cadmium marijuana.

Even though it’s, marijuana is medicinal, it does have. You know it’s very adept at absorbing cadmium from the soil and is in the flower of marijuana. A lot of the CBD oils have been tested by third-party companies to not contain cadmium and other heavy metals.

But if you’re smoking, the marijuana itself, even though it has additional benefits and helps to relax people and reduce stress – and I think, marijuana and CVD do help to detox people. Marijuana flour does contain cadmium.

Typically, it depends on where it’s grown. If it’s grown hydroponically, maybe not as much of an issue, but if it’s grown in the ground in the soil it likely can have cadmium contamination and batteries.

Batteries contain cadmium and I had a client live next to a battery factory. It was a very, very cadmium toxic because that leached, all the you know, the materials from the battery manufacturing had leached out of the soil and the water supply and nearby his home and cadmium is also in hydrogenated oils and it’s.

Also in coffee it’s. What gives coffee that kick that we all like right, but in again the cadmium level of coffee depends on the soil in which it was grown and then there’s. Arsenic arsenic is found in water.

It’s, a common, well water contaminant, but can also be in your shower water, your municipal, water and it can most commonly is found in conventional, poultry and eggs, and the reason is because the chicken feed which contains antibiotics is that’S routinely fed to chickens around the world, contains arsenic and and means mix of chickens, grow 50 % faster.

It makes them mean. Let me look really pink and healthy, but if you are eating at a restaurant or fast food or eating eggs or chickens or turkey, that is not organic and is not pastured. It’s, going to have arsenic contamination in it, and arsenic is one of those metals that prevents weight loss.

So if you’re someone that’s been eating like eating a chicken breast every night for dinner. For the last you know, you know a few nights a week for the last 10 or 20 years and you’re, having a weight problem that’s, where the number-one signs of arsenic toxicity is weight, gain and trouble losing weight because Arsenic poisons an enzyme that transports fat out of fat cells, so that was a big wake-up call for me and when I was able to detox, my arsenic is when I was definitely much more easily able to lose weight, and so that was a real eye-opening factoid.

For me on my health journey and also to get normalized my weight as well, aluminum aluminum is found in all antiperspirant deodorant every single one. That is the ingredient that stops the the sweat and kind of basically does that by blocking up your sweat, glands and also natural deodorants, like the crystal it’s naturally occurring aluminum that’s in that, so natural doesn’t always mean good, but you know we want to be using organic deodorants.

Mercury is not a threat as much in vaccines now, but now the problem with vaccines is they contain aluminum, and so there’s. Not a big public outcry for aluminum. Is there no, but this is really what is responsible for a lot of the vaccine, injuries and especially the horrific ones we see with the HPV vaccine that, like Gardasil, supposedly to protect from from like cancer of the ovaries.

I think that vaccine is a complete fraud and we’re gonna see a lot of a lot of backlash with that vaccine with a number of injuries and deaths that are occurring in perfectly healthy women. Why is that happening? It’s because it’s, a particularly toxic form of aluminum, that’s, been using that vaccine to elicit the immune system response and the vaccine to work.

And so, while mercury is not as much of a problem in vaccines, now it’s aluminum. That is the threat we know. Aluminum is very neurotoxic, so I don’t recommend vaccines for that reason, because because the aluminum acute aluminum toxicity that not only causes the the brain swelling, the seizures pain disorders and neurological issues seen in vaccine injuries, but can also cause babies to die In utero and pregnant women get one or more vaccines like the DTaP and the flu and maybe another one at the same time, and actually within a week there’s, an alarming number of fetal deaths as a result of that really high dose of Aluminum that the fetus can’t survive so also aluminum.

We find that in cookware and like the light like you know it’s. Just the weight is very light in cookware it’s, usually aluminum and most restaurants will use cheap, disposable, aluminum cookware as well, so that’s, something to think of when you’re eating out also aluminum foil.

I don’t heat things up in aluminum foil when I’m cooking and also a lot of teas like peppermint mint teas can contain fairly high amounts of aluminum, though an occasional come is fine and the green tea also can have Aluminum but the health benefits outweigh the exposure.

Remember most of our foods are contaminated to some extent, so we don’t want to. You know limit healthy foods like green tea, just because they have some metals beans have letting them meat has love in them.

Kale has salarymen, I mean there’s, lots and lots of examples of foods that might contain metals that doesn’t mean you never eat them or exclude them from your diet. It isn’t possible to eat a diet free of metals, so why we want to have reasonable precautions and exclude extremely contaminated foods like ahi, tuna or shellfish.

It can be very contaminated, though oysters are and incredibly nutrient-dense foods. I still enjoy those, and just you know, try to source them from pristine places in the world, but they can still be contaminated.

You just want to be thinking about doing a sensible detox plan or doing a daily detox, because that is really the only way to you know make sure that your body is relatively free of heavy metals. It’s very difficult to control everything that we put in and on our body there’s.

Only so much that you can control in our environment. The toxins still make their way in. So that being said, let’s. Talk about thallium thallium is a metal that is found in smog and car exhaust, so it gets into the air we breathe it in and it’s a naturally occurring element in petroleum and gasoline, and so it we breathe that in and most people I test have thallium because it’s just so prevalent in our environment, and this causes fatigue and brain fog and digestive issues and a whole host of other problems, and it’s kind of like that.

You know just anyone that has chronic fatigue or fatigue on a persistent basis. They want to be looking at thallium and other mitochondrial poisoning metals and then there’s caesium another mitochondrial poison that is in fish and is in our environment, from nuclear accidents and testing.

It’s, just part of the fallout from that, and there’s, also bismuth, which is found in makeup. So a lot of mineral makeup, especially bare minerals makeup I’ll, find that people are extremely bismuth toxic from using that, even though you know it might not have certain chemicals in it or certain ingredients or found and really toxic conventional makeups.

It still has too much bismuth in it, which is a metal that can build up to toxic levels, and then there’s. Nickel nickel is found a nickel toxicity can be found. Anyone that’s had braces because the braces had nickel in them silver fillings.

Nickel is also found in hydrogenated fats and vegetable oils, so this is gonna be in all the packaged foods, all fast foods, all margarine, –, zz Crisco and any foods cooked in those like those really unhealthy, inflammatory fats that basically act like plastics in your brain.

Your body thinks that there are omega-3 fats and takes them in and they just kind of stiffen and Harden cells, because your your body thinks it’s, some nutrient, it can use, and then it just gets in the cell and just almost plasticizers and Hardens the cells, but then, additionally, those hydrogenated fats how they got the hydrogen into the fat to make it shelf stable and not go rancid.

The catalyst is nickel that’s used for that. So there’s. Traces of nickel in hydrogenated fats and margins in Crisco, shortening and then also tobacco, so anyone again smoking cigarettes or around a smoker is going to get a lot of nickel ingest it as well.

So let’s. Talk about why heavy metals are a problem, so there are about 23 heavy metals. In total there’s there’s. More than that I mean there are some manmade metals, but they disrupt cellular processes by poisoning enzymes by which reduces function.

In the body produces metallic function, they prevent protein production and they also displace minerals from the body, and so, by doing this these these three actions. They inhibit a lot of processes in the body they inhibit brain function.

They inhibit neurotransmitter production, the inhibit digestion, they inhibit production of hydrochloric, acid and enzymes. They inhibit blood sugar regulation, they inhibit insulin production, they inhibit liver function, I mean you name it.

They prevent you, know, conception and eggs being released and they cause reproductive issues in various ways. There’s, a lot of different ways: it’s, really infinite, how metals disrupt various functions in the body, and so this can affect the functioning of the mitochondria or the energy maker to the cells leading the symptoms like fatigue or even Really major health issues: if your body can’t make energy, it can’t make energy to recover.

You know your immune system needs energy. You need energy to sleep and regenerate. You have energy is the name of the game and recovery. So that’s, why? I talk a lot about detoxing, the mitochondria and feeding the mitochondria, because that’s.

Mitochondrial medicine is really on the forefront the cutting edge of medicine at the moment, because what we’re finding is that cancer is a mitochondrial disease. A lot of a lot of diseases and infections take hold because of lack of energy in the body because of lack of energy for the immune system to work properly and protect the body you have to have energy to heal.

So you’ve got to do everything in your power to detox the mitochondria, remove roadblocks to energy production and feed the mitochondria, the the food that they need with supplements and get lots of Sun to feed a charge up the mitochondria also so these metals, if I’m talking about they, they damage the functioning of the brain, the lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the blood composition and other organs and important organs of the body and and really the thing is that everyone has toxic metals.

Some are acute exposure, like some people say if you make jewelry you’re at handling metals every day or you’re welding or you’re working in industry or you’re, repairing cars or whatever you’re doing if you’re touching metals every day that’s, absorbing through your skin and getting into your body, and so but for most of us we just have low level chronic daily exposures that build up over decades And then one day started to cause symptoms like you reach that tipping point where you might have had a lot.

You know exposure over decades, but it’s only when they kind of build up to a certain point that your body is no longer able to get them out as fast as they’re coming in and they accumulate to the point.

Where they start to cause symptoms or interfere in energy production or brain function, and so people kind of feel like gosh, I literally healthy lifestyle and I eat really healthy and I drink clean water.

I’ve, got my little Brita water filter. I filter my water like what’s going on, I’m healthy and they don’t understand why they got diagnosed with diabetes or a cancer or other health issues given their healthy lifestyle.

So it’s. These metals build up and they start causing problems and that buildup can be very slow. Also, where you’re, almost like a frog in boiling water, where the temperatures very very slowly being being increased, and so you don’t realize how unwell you feel until you get rid of these toxins that are causing all these different Problems in your body and then I also want to talk about statistically, I’ve, done an analysis with our medical director, dr.

Bruce Jones. She’s, the medical director of Meyer. She talks calm and our detox programs, and he has done or we have over. You know. Thousands and thousands of heavy metals tests statistically have found that every single person has lead, has mercury and has aluminum it’s impossible not to have exposure and ingestion of these metals and our environment.

Most people have more metals than that, but that’s really based on our statistical analysis. What the reality is. So these are all neurotoxins. They’re, all toxins that are very neuro philic. They love nerve tissue and your central nervous system and your brain, and they cause a lot of various issues in regards to your central nervous system functioning um.

So let’s. Talk about some of the signs of heavy metal toxicity. So, while signs of acute toxicity are easy to spot, people can have vertigo, they can have vomiting, they can have like dizziness difficulty, breathing impair motor and cognitive skills.

More subtle signs that you need to detox heavy metals are things like fatigue, brain fog, headaches, poor digestion or bloating or gas. Acne is a very, very common rashes if your liver is really overwhelmed and overburdened toxins will come out through your skin.

Also compromised ability to digest fats is a common sign of impaired, liver function, female issues like low hormones, hormone imbalance, really tough menses like if you have a really really hard period or a lot of extreme menopausal symptoms that can be a sign of toxicity, infertility, reproductive Issues like endometriosis and PCOS fibroids, all toxicity, related weight gain or resistant weight loss, sleep issues recurrent night waking trouble falling back, asleep aching joints mood swings, I mean the list just goes on and on and on, but those are the most common ones, but left unchecked.

Heavy metal toxicity can cause not only misery but serious disease, including Alzheimer’s. Other forms of dementia, like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and cancers, and a lot of people get misdiagnosed with those things when it’s.

Really heavy metal toxicity is an underline, root, cause or contributor to that diagnosis. So basically, you know if you generally live a healthy lifestyle, but still experience many of the symptoms I just mentioned.

It may be time to dig deeper and maybe do a heavy metals test. So do we need to do a heavy metals detox, so some people say there’s, no need to detox. You know that our bodies can just detox on their own.

I think that’s, a gross oversimplification, because some people have various factors you know impeding their ability to detox. These are typically the sicker individuals. You have impaired functioning that have chronic fatigue that have multiple health diagnoses.

These are people may have one or more of these things. I’m, mentioning right now, so some people, you know, but preface that with our body, has an ability to detox. You know we are designed. We have a detox system, detox organs.

We are designed to remove toxins that we, you know encounter in our environment, that’s, naturally occurring in the earth and in our water. But you know millions of years ago, when our systems were designed, we didn’t have the industry.

We didn’t, have the release of toxins and chemicals and heavy metals into our air and food and water like we do today. So our systems were not designed for the level of toxins that we encounter on a daily basis.

So and even if you do have a perfectly functioning system, even you’re, really really healthy. You know you can still have bottlenecks in your system. You can still have maybe issues with your liver or issues with your energy production or some sort of issue are a lot of stress or something that is preventing your body from being able to detox at the capacity that is capable of.

So if so, there’s, a number of different reasons, people can have an apparent ability to detox, so some have a compromised, liver function, be it that their liver is just toxic or they have fatty liver or they’re.

Just too much fat buildup in their liver impeding function or they genetically have liver issues or they have liver disease. Some people have mitochondrial disease or they just can’t make enough energy to detox and heal.

Some have a compromised D to detox ability. Genetically for various reasons, there’s, a lot of different things that can go wrong in one’s, detox pathways and ability to break down toxins and excrete them from the body.

Some people have impaired kidney function where they can just do all kinds of stuff for detox and it just can’t exit the body through the kidneys. Some have too much stress being in sympathetic dominance.

Fight-Or-Flight mode is one of the biggest. You know roadblocks to the body’s, ability to detox, because all your detox mechanisms are turned off when you’re in a stress mode or you can’t sleep and then that people have inflammation.

If they have a lot of inflammation, their ability to detox will be dramatically reduced as well and and and also there’s, a just a lot of other factors that can cause people to accumulate toxic metals and chemicals that require certain people.

To take a more aggressive approach to detoxification, so it’s, not as simple as like. Oh, I have a liver and kidneys and I should be – and you know your colon you should be able to just you – know – release all the toxins in that way, that’s, theoretically, how everything should work, but it’s.

Not that simple and and then – and I know toxic metals and chemicals today – are the number one primary driver of disease. So let me repeat that toxins and chemicals are the number one primary driver of disease today.

This is a statement by dr. Jill praise or no, who is founder of the steer University and he was been researching. Toxins, for you know, I mean decades, and he is that one of the world’s, foremost experts in toxins and how they affect disease.

He’s, written numerous books, encyclopedias on toxins and nutrition, and just really has a deep, deep grasp of how toxins and chemicals affect our health. And so and also when I’ve talked to medical doctors, and I talked to doctors have been around for 30, 40 50 years.

When I hear consistently is that the health issues people are having today, many of them were just almost unheard of 30 years ago, children with autism the diabetes epidemic, the wreaths of cancers, I mean, and not only that, but just diseases, that don’t Even have a name that there are just autoimmune diseases all of these things apart from cancer.

Many of these things were almost unheard of 30 years ago, and so you know it’s. These are environmental causes and environmental factors that are contributing to these diseases and there’s, a lot of information on my website about various health issues and how toxins contribute.

But there’s, just more and more growing evidence to how heavy metals and chemicals impact our body and how how they interrupt function is leading them to the chronic diseases and the growing kinds of diseases that we’re.

Seeing today and now I want to talk about tests for heavy metal toxicity, so so now that we, let me establish that you know we all have toxins. We’re all having symptoms from these toxins. It’s, a good idea to test find out what metals you have specifically, so that you can take a more targeted approach to your supplementation or detox there’s, certainly a lot of general things that you can do you know.

I have a supplement line. The Myers detox supplement line that you can find it’s stored at Myers, detox, calm and we have a great system to detox. A very you know, broad spectrum, heavy metal and chemical detox that you can do, but there’s, lots of things you can do like coffee, enemas and saunas and liver support supplements.

But if you want to do something more targeted, which is more like a sniper approach to supplementation and detox as opposed to a shotgun approach to detoxification like just taking something and hoping it works, you can do heavy metals tests.

So there’s. A number of options here there’s, a hair mineral analysis for each team, a there’s, urine testing. There are stool testing there’s, also different types of blood tests. There’s, a typical type of blood test to get your medical doctors office, which only tests for about four metals typically and that one’s kind of not terribly useful and usually gives a false negative.

But there’s. Other blood tests from say dr. Chris shade from Quicksilver scientific. He’s, got a mercury, try test and also a broad-spectrum heavy metals blood test. Those are accurate, but the ones at the typical medical doctor’s office that are covered by insurance.

Those are typically a waste of time, because the the I think, though, lab right ranges are set so high that most people do not test as toxic when there’s, really zero physiological reason for any of these metals to be in our body.

We, you know the ideal levels zero, so you know, I think the lab ranges for a lot of the blood tests that the medical doctor’s. Office are are set to high, so people get these false negatives like oh, you, don’t, have bladder arsenic or mercury cadmium.

You’re good. Go on to the you know. The person says: oh good, I’m, not toxic. I’m gonna go on to the next next thing, trying to find out what’s wrong with me. Is that mole? Does it lime? Is it infections, when really heavy metals, are a contributing factor? So I think those tests really do a disservice to a lot of people when a doctor is conducting a test.

So I want to look at minerals as well, and is it the world’s best test on the planet? No, but it’s. There’s, no good test there’s, no one single type of heavy metals test that can tell you every heavy metal you have in your body.

So the only way to find out every heavy metal you have in your body is to do a hair, urine, stool and a blood test. So I you know it’s, not my fault. You know it’s. Just we’re, we’re having to work with the body and with the limited tools that we have there’s.

Also other tests, like the oligo scan, which is a bioenergetic scan that one is also very, very accurate and collaborates the typical tests that I just mentioned here. So only those scans are great, but you have to do those in person with a practitioner so urine tests.

So urine tests are great. You know the you know, metals you can’t see in the hair. You can see in the urine and with urine tests. They typically are unprovoked. Where you’re. Just you’re eating into a cup and sending that in and that ‘

Ll. Tell us what metals that you’re, excluding in from your body over six or 24-hour period, and then there are provoked tests or push challenge tests that use DMS a or D MPs or EDTA, which are amino acids, but those will grab.

Those will grab metals out of your bloodstream and you’ll see increased levels of them in a urine test, but you don’t have to have those to do a urine test. They can be helpful, but most people give DMS a to do urine tests and DMS.

A typically will only show mercury lead and nickel, which most people have anyway. So it’s by no means necessary to take DMS a or do a challenge urine test. If you have any amount of a heavy metal in your urine, that’s, a sign there’s more where that came from.

So I I don’t use provocation tests also DMS a can be very toxic for some people, especially if you have compromised liver function. So a urine test with a challenge is not everyone as a candidate to do that type of test, especially if they’re very, very ill.

It can cause them problems and then there’s, a stool test. This is not a bacterial test or a parasite test, or anything like that. Just a stool, heavy metals test – and this can give us indication of lead toxicity of cadmium, toxicity of silver text, toxicity from silver, mercury fillings or people that are getting a little bit too happy with the colloidal silver too.

Much can be toxic and so still is great for for those things and and then there’s. Blood tests like Chris shades mercury, try test and that this isn’t a really interesting test because it’s. A mercury speciation test, so it’s, a test that shows mercury levels in hair urine and in the blood to get because different different types of mercury are in different places in our body.

So a hair test, a hair mental analysis is for each team. A will show mercury from fish or shellfish that you’re eating, but it won’t, show mercury from fillings in the hair test. That’s. Fine, we know that that’s, a limitation of the hair test, so how you see that is with this mercury try test or in the urine.

The urine is where we see mercury from mercury, amalgam fillings, but we won ‘ T see that in the urine, if you have compromised kidney function, so that’s, why the mercury tried test also test the blood for evidence of mercury, amalgam fillings the inorganic mercury that’s in these fillings, so that’S a great test if you’re, really focused in on mercury, but there’s, a lot more metals heavy metals than mercury.

So we really need to be thinking about. You know if you’re gonna, do Mendel’s test, you might as well. Do it right and do all of the above Heron urine stool, and you can do Chris shades mercury trying test or also he’s, got a full panel, heavy metals blood test that it’s, also good to do as well.

So let’s. Talk about some of the natural ways to detox heavy metals, so so how we go about doing that is number one limiting exposure we’ll. Also talk about increasing bile, which is you know, nature’s.

Binder it’s, gonna bind onto all kinds of heavy metals mineralizing the body, mobilizing toxins and binding toxins. So these are, you know how we go about naturally, detoxing heavy metals, but this not a you have to kind of.

I think a lot of people think of heavy metal detox is, I’m gonna take something and they’re, just gonna rip, all the heavy metals out on my body and they’re gonna be gone And then I’ll be healthy and the body doesn’t allow the just ripping out of these metals.

The body is using metals for various things, metals to be very deeply embedded in tissues in bones and organs, and they’re, just not readily available for a substance to be introduced into your body that then rips out these toxins, and so there’s, a lot of different ways that toxins can be stored in our body, and so we have to do things that slowly but surely help the body and assist the body in letting the body release them and then process them out of the body.

And so number one you want to limit your exposure, and so you wan na it really is you know about drinking, filtered water or spring water and showering in filtered water. If that’s, a possibility for your whole house, water filter is really key, because you know there’s, a lot of toxins in the water that we shower in eating organic, consuming animal proteins and seafood from really good high-quality sources.

Wild seafood pastured animal protein, if that’s, your thing, but even if you’re eating, just you’re vegan or vegetarian. You need to eat. You know vegetables that have clean sources as well and dairy and egg products that are, you, know pasture and organic as well, and you want to use holistic dentistry.

If you go to a dentist – and they do mercury fillings run from the office that they are still doing, mercury fillings they don’t have a flippin clue how to do dentistry properly. So you want to choose a good holistic dentist and also you want to use natural deodorants and non-toxic beauty products, and so that’s, a good, comprehensive list that to control what you can control.

But there’s, a lot of stuff that you can’t control. So you have to be doing kind of daily detox, something daily that you’re, adding to your health regimen. To think about removing these toxins from your body that you’ve been accumulating over the decades, so one of things you can do is increase bile, and so what is biome so bile is something made by the liver that’s stored In the gallbladder that’s released when we eat, and so it’s helpful to digest fats.

So if you have trouble digesting fats, you can’t eat a big fatty meal. You may not be making enough file, and so you can eat certain foods like bitter foods, will help to increase vile flow like artichokes beets, lemons, drinking lemon water and taking sweetest bitters or dr.

Chris shades, dinners, X or bitters number nine, which we have in the Myers detox store at stored-up, Myers detox, calm. You can also take supplements that enhance bile production like ox bile is great in phosphatidylcholine or PC that’s, a raw building block to make file all liposomal supplements contain phosphate or choline.

So if you’re taking any life, is almost life is almost up laments. You’re, helping to build bile and that way, and also things like coffee enemas. Those also help, like kind of irritate your liver, to help it produce more bile and bile is the best binder on the planet.

We need bile to detox heavy metals and bile we’ll. Have you know is where the liver would? You know have the heavy metals it excretes bile and then the the heavy metals get into the bile and then the liver cleans the bile and we need to have.

We have to have vile for the body to detox heavy metals. If you don’t make it a file or your bile isn’t thin enough. You’re, not going to be able to detox heavy metals, no matter what you do so.

The first line of defense in detoxing is increasing bile production, so most people have to do all of the above that I just mentioned, and so I certainly do. I take ox file and I take bitters and I eat lots and lots of bitter foods and just do a coffee animal.

I do everything I can to support my liver function to produce more bile, and then you want to mineralize your body. Everyone’s, mineral deficient. It’s very, very difficult to maintain the amount of minerals that we need.

It’s hard to get them from our diet, because the the soils are deficient in minerals and therefore the food is deficient in minerals and stress causes us to lose a lot of minerals as well and so very, very important to take lots of Minerals, most people need to take magnesium.

They need to take the zinc they need to take potassium. They need to take selenium. Some people need calcium, not not everyone, but a handful of people do so, and manganese is really important as well.

Lithium is important to absorb the vitamins, lots and lots of minerals out there, that people are lacking and that’s. Why they’re, not feeling so good, or that’s. Why they feel anxious and stressed, or they’re, not sleeping because minerals, calm down that nervous system? We’re, going to be in fight-or-flight, sympathetic, dominant mode.

If we don’t have the minerals that our bodies need to work properly. Your body can’t function without minerals, and if you are mineral deficient, your body is gonna, be forced to routine heavy metals to do certain jobs in the body.

So one of the basic foundations of a detox are taking minerals. Juicing is another great way to get minerals as well, because the you get all that juice and minerals from the cell wall of the plants – and you can just juice – is huge.

Have this huge bushel of plants that goes into one glass of juice, that’s, a great way to concentrate minerals naturally, and then the next step is to mobilize toxins. So once you’re working on mineralizing, your body increasing bile production, limiting exposure to toxins as much as you can, then you want to think about mobilizing toxins and that can be done with infrared saunas, especially nice and flush people using niacin to basically Cause fat cells to burst, and then that causes toxins to get into your bloodstream to them be processed and then taking other supplements like cilantro extract like for the cubic acids, like any kind of like a silica like my activated silica this product here.

This is going to mobilize toxins. You can see that here. This will mobilize toxins to help. You know get them into the bloodstream, so they can then be processed and removed from the body and then once you have done that taking supplements to mobilize or chelate toxins out of your tissues, then you have to bind them.

You have to take substances that will bind on to our absorb toxins to remove them through the body through your kidneys or through your gut, or what have you and ortho your stool, and so we can do that with products.

Like my citric lens, the citric lens is a grapefruit pectin that’s, a great binder there’s. Also charcoal activated charcoal there’s different clays there zeolites there’s, different types of Silica’s like ind silica by Quicksilver scientific.

That’s, a nice one. It’s, a different type of silica, and so these products will bind it to toxins to remove them, and so also by increasing bile. Is that’s? The best binder on the planet for toxins – and you know not taking a binder – is one number one detox mistakes most people make and even when they are taking a binder, they’re, not usually taking it correctly.

You have to make sure you’re drinking lots and lots of water or or if you’re chronically dehydrated. You’re gonna take a binder, you know like citric lands or any other one, and it’s. Gon na be like taking drinking sand because if you don’t have enough water in your body to push all that fiber in the binder through and so anytime.

You take any type of binder drink, at least one glass, large glass of water, with a binder to prevent constipation and also, if you’ve become constipated, you probably need to increase bile flow, so taking some bitters, you know eating some better foods.

You know putting lemons and lime juice in your any juice that you’re drinking or taking violin. Hansung supplements is really something you need to do to improve constipation if you’re getting constipated when you take binders, so that’s pretty much all I wanted to say today and just on another note: you know if you are living A really healthy lifestyle – this is where I found myself in my my 30s.

If you are eating healthy, you’re eating. This amazing organic diet. You’re cooking, your own food or growing it. You’re, eating, amazing supplements and taking a ton of supplements, and you’re exercising and getting Sun, and you just feel like you know, you’re, doing everything right and you still don’t feel well.

You still feel angry and moody and frustrated, and you can’t sleep and you feel like fatigued a lot or you have bad digestion, or you know you just feel like you’re like. Why do I have to do to feel good if you feel frustrated, you feel kind of like you’re stuck and don’t quite know what to do.

What’s, the Steff? In addition to all this other stuff that you’re? Doing? You really want to be thinking about adding detoxification to your health regimen, because this was the the missing component that I was missing in my super.

Healthy lifestyle I mean I was I had all the boxes checked. I was doing everything. Health was my full-time job eating healthy reading about health, and I was just really obsessed with it and I just I just started reading something about heavy metals and toxins, and I thought why why was this not on my radar before like how? How did I miss this, and I really started reading a lot more about toxins when I was pregnant and planning my pregnancy and preparing for baby and just reading about how sensitive children’s? Bodies are to toxins and how sensitive they are to pesticides and how damaging toxins are to infants and all the different ways.

You can protect them, and so I made all my daughter on my daughter winter. I made all her own organic baby food. I made it myself and she had or Ganton organic cotton. You know diapers and organic cotton, you know clothes and I didn’t, allow plastic toys and just really went to a lot of links to protect her life.

You know doing all that I started doing more of that for myself as well, but I always had these thoughts that why didn’t, why haven’t. I read more about that’s like how is this escaped all this work and reading I’ve, been doing for my health.

I’ve, been reading my diet exhaustively, I’ve, been reading my exercise. Reading about every settlement under you know, on the market – and it was just kind of perplex – is how I’d, miss this this toxin piece and because I missed that my my health suffered and was suffering as a result of that, and so I, In discovering my own on my own health journey and discovering that toxins were contributing to a lot of my symptoms and then detoxing and having relief, but those symptoms and ice still continuing to improve, I mean I just feel like every year that goes by.

I just feel better and better and better and lighter and lighter and lighter physically emotionally spiritually, because of all this work that I’m, investing in my health and in myself, and it makes me really really excited.



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PBX Extra Strength

Safeguarding Yourself From Hazardous PFAS





Toxic chemicals. Rising cases of illness. What should be shocking is that we now live in a world where things happen that at one time would have created quite the repercussion. However, today very few are shocked by occurrences that go on in the name of progress but when you boil it down it is all about greed. Okay, back to the point of this post. Maybe you have viewed the movie Dark Waters that is based on the true story of how PFOA’s, a toxic chemical contaminated the water supply in a West Virginia town.

The reality is it is not just a remote town in West Virginia that has been contaminated. Towns, cities and sprawling metropolitan areas know or are discovering that their drinking water is contaminated by PFOA or one of the other connected toxins in a classification called PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances).

Irrespective of whether you realize it or not, it’s very likely you already have PFAS inside your body. The CDC estimates that as many as ninety-seven percent of US citizens have observable quantities of PFAS in their blood.

The Majority Of PFAS Are Poisonous Forever Chemicals

Scientists are discovering that PFAS never degrade or break down. Because of this, PFAS are known as “forever chemicals.” This means once PFAS enter the environment, they remain basically forever. And research indicates that it takes years before any PFAS actually starts to leave your body.



The point of concern is that this dilemma has actually been hidden for decades. Over the past sixty years, manufacturing corporations used PFAS for a wide range of applications. This includes carpets and rugs protectants, food packaging, pesticides, non-stick pots and pans, waterproof materials, stain repellants, and more.

Companies had the population convinced that these chemicals were entirely risk-free. But it really appears that a number of organizations have suppressed the truth about PFAS to protect their revenue.

Thanks to several separately funded studies, scientists have now exposed the cold hard truth: PFAS have poisoned the environment on a global scale and are a significant danger to virtually every human being on this planet.



The Pervasive Reach Of PFAS

The minute PFAS enter into the environment, they readily make their way directly into the food chain, going from the manufacturing facility floor to drinking water and in fact the dinner table effortlessly.

PFAS leak into the environment from a wide range of sources. This consists of our landfills, manufacturers, and military bases. From all of these sites, PFAS contaminate the air, soil, and water.

Mainly because that PFAS are water soluble, they readily leach into groundwater and travel far. One report in the prominent scientific journal Nature stated that “PFAS were discovered in the drinking water of more than 16 million Americans in thirty-three states”. And experts believe that due to a lack of data in several states, these numbers are really quite underestimated.

But sadly, you don’t even need to have PFAS in your water supply to become exposed. Individuals often choose bottled water either for convenience or because they have questions about the standard of their plain tap water. Yet current tests show that many bottled water brands tested positive for PFAS.

Unfortunately, water isn’t the only way you can get come across PFAS. These forever chemicals can also make their way into your body through eating food cooked in non-stick cookware or from the dust within your own home.

Even worse, PFAS have invaded the food chain. Research indicates that food wrappers used in take-out or fast-food packaging have PFAS, meaning you get a dose of toxic chemicals with every bite.



The Shocking Health Effects Of PFAS

PFAS chemicals are readily absorbed by your gut. And once they get in the bloodstream, they stick around for a period of time. A few of these toxins are shown to stay in the body for approximately fifteen years before they are excreted.

Reports published by the National Center for Environmental Health have likewise found PFAS in samples of human blood, urine, breast milk, and even in umbilical cord blood. Simply put, this indicates these chemicals are, without a doubt, making their way from the environment into humans.

Once these toxins make their way into your system, they can potentially do a lot of harm. Researchers have found that exposure to PFAS is linked to:

Cancer (liver, pancreatic, and others)
Hormone disruption
High cholesterol
Obesity (some toxins are obesogens)
Damage to the immune system

How To Lower The Danger From PFAS?

It’s obvious that PFAS are bad news. To make matters worse, it’s virtually impossible to entirely avoid exposure. But there are actions you can take to minimize the risks from PFAS and support your body’s detoxification efforts.

Avoid contact with PFAS by ditching non-stick cookware, avoiding packaged food when possible, running an air filter in your home, and opting for natural cleaning solutions since standard cleaning chemicals can contain PFAS also.

In view of the fact that one of the most likely exposure points is drinking water, stay clear of bottled water whenever you can, and drink water that has been filtered. The most beneficial form of filtration to eradicate PFAS is reverse osmosis, the reverse osmosis system gives you clean water without relying on tap or bottled water. The next best choice system is an activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon filters work through adsorption. Ultimately, the PFAS stick to the surface of the activated carbon and is consequently filtered out.

Detoxifying With Natural Zeolite

Much in the same way that activated carbon filters out PFAS in water, natural mineral zeolite can act as a filter for toxins in the body. The natural zeolite Clinoptilolite is an incredible yet gentle detoxifier for long-term daily use.

A natural mineral formed from volcanic deposits, zeolites have long been used for their capability to attract and trap toxins. When cleansed and nanosized for optimal absorption, this zeolite can detoxify your system to a cellular level.

Zeolite detoxifies the body in two crucial ways. As a negatively-charged mineral, it works through the cationic exchange. Similar to a magnet, it attracts positively-charged toxins and holds them within its crystalline structure. Plus, it works via adsorption, where toxins adhere to the outside of the zeolite, before passing through the body.

While studies are limited, data signifies that zeolite adsorbs PFAS, working to remove toxic chemicals from aqueous solutions. Long notorious for its capacity to remove toxic metals, zeolite may also be a safe and simple way to potentially lower your exposure to PFAS.

Given that PFAS lingers in the body for years, and has known damaging health effects, it’s crucial to minimize your exposure to these toxic chemicals. Seek out information from the local water supply and minimize exposure by using a water filtration system and avoiding PFAS-laced food packaging. Adding nanosized natural zeolite is an additional approach to help reduce your body’s toxic burden and boost your well-being.

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How Do Obesogens Work?




How do obesogens work? The answer to this question isn’t simple, but it does have an obvious effect on our bodies. These substances can increase the fat-storing capacity of our cells, and they alter our metabolism and the way our bodies feel hunger. Because they have such diverse functions, it’s important to know how they affect us. Here are three common ways that obesogens work.

Obesogens are chemicals that have the ability to change the way our bodies function. They interfere with hormones and DNA methylation, which can lead to metabolic disturbances in our bodies. This can have long-term effects on the health of our bodies, which means they may also affect future generations. Fortunately, limiting our exposure to obesogens is relatively simple. The preconception period is a particularly good time to optimize the detoxification pathways of the body.

One of the most important studies on obesogens was conducted using mice. These animals are genetically identical to humans and have the same metabolism. This means that they mimic the effects of excess belly fat and other risk factors that are linked with obesity. Further, mice have an accelerated lifespan compared to humans. The study also revealed that some obesogens may even protect the body from the metabolic syndrome.

Obesogens are chemical compounds that can cause weight gain in humans. Researchers have identified a variety of products and ingredients that can act as obesogens. The main concern is that they might lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and diabetes. While there are no known ways to prevent exposure to obesogens, there are ways to minimize the risk of exposure. However, this is not an easy task and a little knowledge about how obesogens work could go a long way toward preventing obesity.

In addition to TBT, obesogens are also found in the body. SSRIs (short for’stress suppressant’) are a common cause of obesity. The effects of obesogens are well documented and may even prevent the onset of a metabolic syndrome. Some obesogens act through other hormones, which are involved in metabolic disorders.

Various obesogens are present in everyday products such as water bottles, nonorganic foods, and paint. They also can be transferred to food by contact. For this reason, it is important to reduce exposure to obesogens. In particular, obesogens are found in cigarette smoke and water. These chemicals are often used in the production of foods and can also be found in household products.

In vivo studies, obesogens have been shown to influence human and animal obesity. In humans, studies have also found that environmental factors are a major cause of obesity. Obesogens are present in common household items and can alter the regulation of energy balance in the body. They may influence the way in which these substances affect the human body. And the effects of these chemicals are not just limited to mice.

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Product Comparison PBX or TRS?




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  •     Nano-Sized Zeolite (Not Lab Verified)
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  • Plastic Bottle
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